Frequently Asked Questions

What problem is LOVU solving?

LOVU eliminates the countless hours couples spend researching to find the best romantic travel hotspot for honeymoons, proposals, destination weddings, anniversary trips, etc., we are making it easy for them to get the best rates and experiences directly with service providers and for hotels, we are eliminating high cost sales channels and giving them a direct relationship with high-valued guests.

How are you going to market LOVU?

We will be relying primarily on content marketing. Our B2C content marketing (travel consumers) efforts will include brand marketing, specialized media, social media, public relations campaigns, expert advice marketing, influencer marketing, Etc. For our B2B content marketing to hotels, resorts, vacation rentals, etc., we will include social media (LinkedIn), public relations, industry press, expert advice marketing, Etc.

How are you going to compete with Expedia, Bookings, and others?

LOVU is not a booking site like Expedia,, and others. LOVU provides expert advice and is a referral service to consumers planning romantic trips like honeymoon, proposals, weddings, babymoons, anniversaries, and birthdays.

Why would hotels/resorts participate?

LOVU offers freemium and paid subscription plans. The subscription fee is minimal compared to the +30% commissions. Hotels add thousands of dollars to their bottom line they would have otherwise paid out to 3rd party booking sites. LOVU also offers hotels a direct 1:1 booking relationship opportunity with very high-valued guests.

How much does LOVU cost?

LOVU is free to consumers. There is a freemium account that every property gets and a paid premium account starting with our complimentary RoomX plan that involves room exchange for subscription and a Gold, Diamond, and Platinum for multi-property brands. The first six months are free.

What type of hotels and resorts does LOVU feature?

LOVU features 4 and 5 stars rated hotels, resorts, villas, and luxury properties. Our content team vets properties before approving a subscription. If a hotel does not qualify, we will refund the subscription fee.

What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel anytime for any reason with 60 days notice.

Is this an Apple or Android app?

LOVU will be available on both platforms.

How are travel advisors selected?

Travel Advisors must meet four of the following criteria and submit supporting documentation to be accepted as a LOVU Travel Advisor. 

  • Certified Travel Agent (CTA) accreditations CTC or CTIE 
  • The Travel Institute certification Certificate of completion for the Travel Institute's DW & Honeymoon course
  • IADWP (International Association of Destination Wedding Planners) certification
  • DWHSA Certification DWHSA Romance Travel certification
  • Membership affiliation: CLIA, ASTA, DWHSA, IATAN, TRUE, ASTA Small Business Network (formerly NACTA)
  • Accolades from leading industry suppliers - 3 vendors/BDM and phone/email contact
  • GTM East or West - Copy of email stating they were accepted to GTM

What is the Mini Mastermind Virtual Romance Travel Sales Class

The founder of LOVU, romance travel digital sales and marketing expert, and Alan Berg, Leading International Expert on the Business of Weddings & Events, will take you through the sales cycle and provide tips on converting inquiries into sales.